Precious Times Daycare

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a home daycare?

Yes, Precious Times Developmental Daycare operates out of the owner’s home.

What are your hours?

The daycare operates from 7:30 – 4:30.

How many children do you take?

At full capacity, Precious Times Daycare has five spaces.

Do you do part-time care?

Unfortunately, we only have full-time spots at Precious Times Developmental Daycare.

What are your fees?

A full-time spot is $52 per day per child. 

Do your fees include meals?

Yes!  We provide a well-balanced healthy, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack for the children.  Please review our 'Nutrition' section for more details.

Are there any extra fees I should know about?

Occasionally, the daycare goes on an outing that may incur an additional fee.  This is a pre-agreed upon arrangement between the daycare, and all parents who have children in our care.  Parents come to a consensus before the excursion.

What kind of outings do you go on?

The daycare goes on daily excursions.  We believe it is important for children to be an active part of the community and therefore we do our best to provide opportunities to explore, experience and grow through a variety of activities.  Examples of our excursions include, walking along the canal, feeding the ducks, visiting Sunnyside Library, playing at St. Luke’s, Brewer or Brantwood park, seeing the animals at Valleyview Farms or the Experimental Farm, going to the local museums, Cosmic Adventure, Ray’s Reptile Zoo, playgroup at the Parent Resource Centre or the Old Town Hall, watching local construction, attending Gymboree Play and Music, as well as other special performances or community events.

Do your outing require the use of a car?

Sometimes, with the consent of the parents, we may go on outings that require the use of a car. 


Do parents have to provide anything extra?

Parents are expected to provide their own diapers, wipes, bottle, sippy cups, sun cream and any specialty food required for their little one.  Specialty food includes formula, baby food or any items for children on specific diets. 

Do you have hired help?

Yes!  Precious Times Daycare has one fully-qualified, first-aid-certified assistant who comes daily to ensure all children are well-cared for.  That means we can provide a better adult : child ratio for your little one when compared to most home daycare settings.